Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us


We pay close attention to the moral code that we follow. Everything we do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness and transparency while recognizing the value of all employees and customers.

Product training modules are broadcast on a regular basis where relevant details regarding product features, manufacturing partner and care instructions are shared. This helps customers make informed decisions with respect to their purchasing plans. It applies to the existing range as well as new launches.


A business cannot excel unless it creates profitability and opportunity for all. Safeshop is committed to being socially responsible for the community at large. It partners with NGO’s along with its large family of stakeholders and employees, to support CSR activities which are important for society.

We have determined certain focus areas which include Children's education, Prime Minister's relief fund & measures undertaken to provide relief to those affected by natural disasters.

Value Accretive

We believe in enabling clients to become high-performance businesses and create long term relationships by being responsive and relevant through consistently delivering value.

Consumer feedback is sought and subsequently shared with stakeholders on an on-going basis. Follow-ups are seen through and required changes are initiated along all the stages of the business cycle.


Innovation is the underlying essence of all that we create, conceive and execute for improving customer experience. Whether it is skin care, kitchenware or natural supplements, every category is scanned for consumer satisfaction on a proactive basis.

Current trends and developments are integrated into the product development stage. Vendor selection and appointment itself is a well-researched process. Systems are being upgraded and streamlined on a regular basis within the organisation as well, so as to enable glitch-free operations.

Sustainable Growth

We wish to build a sustainable model & a strong foundation for future generations through conserving our brand, meeting our promises & developing our people.

Training programs and industry visits are organised for better understanding and a cohesive connect between channel partners and vendors.

One of the conscious moves undertaken along with our supply chain partners is collaboration regarding the recycling and repurposing of packaging materials that go into the transportation and delivery of our products.

This eventually helps to cut down the production of packaging materials, particularly corrugated boxes. Another environment friendly practice that is underway involves upgradation of the technology base to help with our transition into a paperless office in the coming years.

Workplace Environment

The well-being of employees is closely linked to the health of the company. While the best talent is hired, the motivation and satisfaction of the workforce is also taken care of. Open communication channels help foster employee loyalty. This feel-good quotient leads to better performance as work is valued. Teamwork is encouraged as personal expertise blended with professional scope come together to bring out the best in human resources. Long term relationships have been built and sustained with employees.

Talent is sought from within the organisation and new roles and challenges are created in sync with the company’s growth. Upskilling takes place internally whenever feasible and learning is shared freely amongst teams.

We believe in maintaining a good work-life balance; festivals and significant events are celebrated with much gusto involving various activities, speakers are invited and recreational trips are organised. Higher productivity and reduced stress levels combine to contribute to better morale.